WP Description

WP leader IMA (CZ)
Gemalto, CEA-LIST, Worldline, Oberthur, STM, ASTUS, IDATE, CIT, Tyndall, Tyco, IT, IPCB, Beyond Vision
Objectives The WP2 will focus on the following domains:
•    e-health,
•    Omni-Channel shopping,
•    mobility in the smart-city, smart building
For each scenario, the following aspects will be taken into consideration:
•    High-level architecture requirements
•    Generic API
•    Business / domain Specific API
•    Value-chain analysis
•    Billing and CRM generic interfaces
•    Business models
•    Deployment scenarios (manufacturing and personalization)
•    QoE criteria
Partners of the work package WP2 will work on Use Case scenarios (UCS) creation. Partners will describe how their technological components – wearable devices (inc. packaging), embedded SW for data gathering, application, services etc. - developed in other work packages, will be setup to function together in a way how the customer can use them in various environment or architectures. Every Use Case Scenario will be composed of
•    Scenario description as a story of use
•    Scenario related functionality or functionalities definition
•    Services (if any) description, services will run functionalities defined
•    Applications, handle the services
•    Possible interaction between other Use Case scenario
For defined UCS partners will propose the high-level scenario architecture where the way of scenario services implementation will be described.

WP Tasks

Task ID Task description
T2.1 Requirements collection on Use Case Scenarios
T2.2 Use Case Scenarios description
T2.3 System architectures of Scenarios
T2.4 Services, applications of the scenario
T2.5 Business Requirements
T2.6 Business Models