WP Description

WP leader Gemalto (FR)
CEA-LETI, CEA-LIST, Oberthur, InsightSiP, ASTUS, STM, TLabs,  IMA, CIT, Tyndall, Tyco
Objectives Hardware:
•    BCC controller, Ubiquitous Ultra Low power Wake-Up Receivers, to bootstrap any wireless communication
•    Biometric Sensor for health monitoring and personalisation
•    Battery and energy harvesting
•    Additional sensor related to health monitoring
•    Additional Sensors related to omni-channel shopping
•    Scalable processing platform
•    WPC multistandard (Qi & PMA), multi-sources components solution
•    Packaging concepts
•    UWB Antenna design and adaptation for eGo device including analysis of performance compromise for body effects. Assessment and pre-study impact of individual HW components for future SiP integration; this includes the choice of package methods and interconnection techniques for each component.
Embedded Software:
•    Open, Flexible, Multi-tenant SW architecture for SE
•    Remote management and incremental provisioning (code and credential)
•    Remote security bootstrapping
•    Inertial Motion Unit and algorithm for Man Machine Interface
•    IMU fusion with UWB for low power accurate RTLS
•    Adaptive software for audio triggering

WP Tasks

Task ID Task description
T3.1 BCC controller as an Ubiquitous Ultra Low power Wake-Up Receivers for bootstrap any wireless communication
T3.2 Battery and energy harvesting
T3.3 Additional sensor integration_related to health / security monitoring
T3.4 Scalable processing platform
T3.5 WPC multi-standard (Qi & PMA), multisources components solution
T3.6 Open, Flexible, Multi-tenant SW architecture for SE
T3.7 Remote management, incremental provisioning (code credential)
T3.8 Unobtrusive Motion tracking
T3.9 UWB Antenna design and adaptation for Wearable device
T3.10 Additional device for Mobility and Access Control BC
T3.11 Additional Sensors related to Omni-Channel Shopping